Angela Durazo: Using Food and Exercise to Conquer Pain

By Alix Shutello

Angela Durazo, 26, is a triathlete who has rheumatoid arthritis (RA). The disease, which causes a certain degree of chronic physical pain almost constantly, has caused Durazo to evaluate her training, her diet, and her way of life. One thing is for certain: pain isn’t going to stop her.Angela 1

Durazo’s resilience to pain and life’s challenges was tested back in 2006 when she was a professional model. One day she woke up with a huge lump in her breast, which was removed via surgery. Three days later, she passed out at a modeling job; after a full evaluation, doctors discovered the sutures in her breast had become severely infected. Durazo developed MRSA, a potentially deadly staph infection that put her in a special unit of the hospital until she healed. According to her YouTube video of the experience, the infection could have killed her.

The operation on her breast cost her two of her largest modeling contracts, as the scar, which was visible, wasn’t acceptable. Durazo took the rejection from that and poured her energy into training full time for triathlons.


Durazo trains under Sergio Borges of SBX Training and follows his inverted training periodization method. She trains 7 days a week, 3 hours a day and does 1-2 hours of stretching and trigger point therapy daily. Training consists of daily combos: swim/run, swim/weight training/, bike/run, swim/weight training.

Despite all this work, RA can still cause pain; but the benefit of dealing with pain, in Durazo’s mind, is that she can manage pain during training and in competition.IMG_5849

“The way that I have learned to cope with the chronic pain is to view the pain as ‘mental toughness training’,” she said. “When I start to feel the ‘pain of competition’, I think back to when I was physically unable to get myself out of bed. I had to fight with every cell in my body to get back to racing, and that fight created a deep conviction that no matter how hard it gets, I am doing it. I also think about how the disease destroys so many lives, and by racing, I can fight for all my friends who suffer.”

“I literally felt a substantial decrease in my pain within two days of taking MILA. something with the power of it had almost a painkiller effect on the pain in my hands caused by the rheumatoid arthritis. there is no other food that I know of that has benefitted me as much as MILA.”


Durazo controls her RA solely with her diet. “I am not against conventional medicine; I just had no other choice but to look for solutions through diet and supplementation because of how my body was deteriorating and developing new issues when I was on conventional treatment,” she said.

Durazo is on a100% Gluten-free, 100% processed sugar- free diet. She tries to avoid processed salt, and eats meat and dairy in limited amounts.

There are a couple of products Durazo uses every day to maintain health and nutrition.


March 2: Desert Tri, San Diego, CA
March 17: SuperSEAL, Coronado, CA
March 17- 25: (Training camp in Kona) Kona, HI
May 11: La Tri Series, LA, CA
June 30: San Diego Intl, San Diego, CA
July 21: ITU Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany
July 28: Solana Beach Tri, Solana Beach, CA
August 3: Camp Pendleton Tri, Oceanside, CA
August 25: Surf Town, Imperial Beach, CA
September 7: SD Tri Classic (Olympic), San Diego, CA
September 22: Tri Rock, San Diego, CA

October 6: Misison Bay, San Diego, CA
October: 6-15 (Training camp in Kona) Kona, HI
October 20: Lifetime Olympic, Oceanside, CA


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“I literally felt a substantial decrease in my pain within two days of taking MILA. Something with the power of it had almost a painkiller effect on the pain in my hands caused by the RA. There is no other food that I know of that has benefited me as much as MILA,” Durazo said.


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