Submissions To Endurance Racing Magazine

If you want to be interviewed for ES&F, please copy and paste responses to the following questions in an email and send them to

You must supply at least two hi-resolution images (preferable 1MB or larger)

1. What is your name and age?

2. Where are you from and where do you live now?

3. How old you were when you made that first step to go to ultra-distances/racing/competition.

4. What drove you over the edge? A life experience? Just circumstance?

5. How many competitions have you completed?

6. Why do you do it/them?

7. What were your goals when you started training and how did they change when you started competing?

8. Did you achieve them and if so, how?

9. What was/is the highlight of you racing career?

10. What was the biggest disappointment and why do you think it happened?

11. What do you believe is the single largest contributor to you achieving your goals?

12. Was there an “X Factor” that allowed you to achieve beyond your stated goals?

13. You may have always been a triathlete, endurance runner or what have you and progressed to longer and longer distances. I want to know how you got where you are today.

14. We’d also like to know a little about your training, whom you train with and why, what products you use (clothing/food/equipment, etc.) in your training and then in competition. Also, are you sponsored? What is your family life like? Married? Children? busy executive? Work/Life diversity is big with the readers.

15. On your mental training. It takes a certain mental fortitude to do this sport. What drives you and keeps you sustained during competition?

16. Financially, you may not want to get too detailed, but do you budget for your competitions each year?

17. We want readers to know you and what drives you.

18. You may also feel free to talk about pain/injury…anything slowing down?

If you have a website or anything we are happy to look at that as well.

Best Regards,

Alix Shutello

CEO & Publisher

Endurance Sports and Fitness Magazine