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Alix Shutello, CEO

Nothing pleases us more than hearing from readers.  So many of you have written excellent accounts of races either as the competitor or the pacer. Two excellent examples are Chris Roman’s account of the Brazil 135 and David Schurr’s write up as a pacer at Wasatch.

What makes these stories great? It is the depth of the information in the story. In Chris’ case, I took his race write up, which was written for friends and family, and worked with him to turn it into a publishable article. In David’s case, the story he sent was so good, there was little or no editing needed to get this article copyedited and up on the web.

You don’t have to be a good writer to write for ERM, but you should be cognizant of the details in your story. Recently while reading an account of of the Grindstone 100 I was riveted by fact that a runner has covered everything in his story from seeing other competitors throw up all the way to his pacer’s account of how his runner was so exhausted he had to hold him up to pee. Yep, we want all the details, from the vomiting to the shivering to the acts of will, perserverance and yes, tears.

Whether you are running your first 50 miler, competing in your 100th Ironman, or snowshoeing or skiing planning to cycle across three continents, the devil, as they say, is in the details.

Many of you have been willing to write content for ERM and our mother publication, Runners Illustrated. See some of the story ideas below and I look forward to hearing from you!


Alix Shutello

Feature Articles on Individuals

Every single one of you is interesting to have a feature story done on you. In this case, we’ll work to have the ERM editor contact you to go through a myriad of information we’ll ask you to provide. To get a good idea of what an excellent feature article looks like, go to Dr. JoAnn Dahlkoetter’s story in the Interviews tab. That article took a long time to do because we had to schedule multiple interviews so that I could extract the essense of who JoAnn is.

To be considered for a feature in ERM, complete the following questions and send them to us in an email to

For features…..

We’d like to know how old you were when you made that first step to go to ultra distances. What drove you over the edge? A life experience? Just circumstance?

You may have always been a triathlete, endurance runner or what have you and progressed to longer and longer distances. I want to know howyou got where you are today. If you have a website or anything we are happy to look at that as well.

We  also like to know a little about your training, who you train with and why, what products you use (clothing/food/equipment, etc.) in your training and then on competition. Also, are you sponsored? What is your family life like? Married? Children? busy executive? Work/Life diversity is big with the readers.

On your mental training. It takes a certain mental fortitude to do this sport. What drives you and keeps you sustained during competition?

Financially, you may not want to get too detailed, but do you budget for your competitions each year?

We want readers to know you and what drives you.

You may also feel free to talk about pain/injury…anything slowing down?

Training Stories

We are always looking for training tips from trainers or athletes that have good advice based on their experience.

Athlete Profiles

We are always looking for articles by athletes who have a unique training style or story. Feel free to look at the other athlete profiles for story ideas.

Those Epic Races

Got an epic race you want to write about? Were you pacing someone at a great race and do you have a good account of your experience? Are you a race promoter looking to promote your race?


Are you a gearhead who wants to talk about the latest and greatest things you use for nutrition, clothing, shoes, bikes, bathing suits, etc.? Are you looking to advertise a product?