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The Endurance Society

“We want to build a great community of endurance and adventure enthusiasts, and provide one-of-a-kind experiences for them. We want to utilize this community to make the world a better place. And we
want to play in the mountains with our friends.”

– Jack Cary, Co-owner


Jack and Andy of The Endurance Society
Jack and Andy of The Endurance Society

The Endurance Society is the brainchild of Jack Cary and Andy Weinburg. The pair met in 2009 via an endurance adventure race that Weinburg was directing and discovered that they shared many interests; and from 2011–2014, while Weinburg designed and directed some of his multi-day adventure races, such as the Spartan Death Race, the men were discussing doing something more epic – something tougher, mentally and physically. That led to ideas for a new organization; and in 2014, The Endurance Society was born.

The mission of The Endurance Society is twofold: To create unique, life-changing, mind-blowing experiences for

Jack Cary
Jack Cary

adventure enthusiasts, and to utilize the members for community involvement. The broad focus of the organization is on developing and designing endurance events that challenge the mind and body. This includes not only the “normal” ultra-distance activities, such as trail running, but also new types adventure races that have never been done before.

Cary and Weinburg bring two sets of skills to their endeavor. Weinburg is more of an extrovert, a natural people-person and motivator, and works as a college professor. Cary, the creative arm of the organization, is a computer specialist and self-described introvert.

Andy Weinburg
Andy Weinburg

Cary and Weinburg are building more than just a business; they have acquired years of endurance and adventure experience, plus a solid trust in each other. In 2014, they roped crevasse travel during a Mt. Rainer adventure – an adventure that requires not only outdoor knowledge and experience, but also teamwork, as each athlete must rely on the other for survival. Cary and Weinburg have spent the last six months building the company from scratch, using good old-fashioned hard work, creativity and an investment of their own time and resources. They designed and marketed a handful of endurance events, which have proved attractive to the more than 2,000 athletes who have joined the organization to obtain discounts and information on the Society’s racing series.

Their first event, slated for January 2015, is a 60-mile winter group trek.

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