The Lost World Series: Global Opportunities to Race Around the World

Tim Holmstrom, a photo journalist who has made a career documenting athletes as they compete in endurance races such as the well-known Eco Challenge, realized that he could fill a niche for ultra runners looking to get to get multiple races from 50k to 100k under their belt and on their resumes and for a reason – to prepare for a 100-mile race. To compete in some of the more challenging ultra-distance races the world such as Badwater, athletes need to compete in at least three 100-mile races. The Lost Series helps athletes who are looking to get to their first 100-miler achieve that by qualifying in a series of races located around the world.

To qualify for the 100-mile race at the end of the Lost World Race series, athletes must  complete any  t20 100k/50k qualifying races or by place in the top 25 percent of the field in any category at any of the races.  The location of the final 100-miler, will be announced in 2012 and the race will take place in 2013.

When asked why he thought athletes would be interested in The Lost Series, Holmstrom reflected back to the types of competitors he’d met in his travel abroad.

“It depends who you ask, but there is a small but ferocious community who want to run these races. In the end you are drawn to a reunion of people who have a similar passion for running and who are looking for the next race,” he said. “Some people look for destination races for their travel goal.”

The Lost World race series for Holmstrom is a full-time vocation to create a good race concept, and he also wants to compete in the races himeslf one day.  Until recently, Homstrom never competed because he was interested in the photo journalistic aspect of the races he’s covered, but now that has changed. Holmstrom trail runs regularly to keep in shape and finished his first trail marathon in 2011.

As Holmstrom looks to branch out, to other parts of the world, his efforts have primarily been in  in Costa Rica and Panama. That said, he also has races set up in:

1. Nicaragua (Feb 2012)

2. Ireland (March 2012)

3. Dominica Crossing (October 2012)

4. Belize (November 2012)

5. Italy (April 2013)

In regards to cost, Holmstrom mentions that these races are not cheap, but that you are taken care of at each of these events.

In his work as a photo journalist, Holmstrom provides chronologies of what athletes have accomplished. He feels he’s pretty good at the psychology of endurance runners. He’s seen it, lived it, and watched it. It’s on film, and he’s seen all as psychology of competitors change during long endurance races.  He’s watched them fall apart and persevere. So it’s with full appreciation for endurance racing that he’s put together a series to drive people to their limits.