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About Alix Shutello

Alix Shutello is the owner/editor for Endurance Racing Magazine. This online property is meant to explore all types of endurance sports including triathlons, kayaking, running, and other adventure races. ERM's mother company, Runners Illustrated, is also an online ezine catering to all forms of running.

Book Review: The Tao of Running

Gary Dudney, an experienced ultra runner who writes the “Running Wise” column for UltraRunning Magazine, has amassed a ton of experience over the years running and mastering the 100-mile race in particular. Dudney, who works and lives in California, has completed over 200 ultra marathons and, according to his write-up on UltraRunning Magazine’s website, “still finds every race a fresh and unique experience, evident in the dozens of quirky race reports he’s submitted to UltraRunning over the years.” Dudney, an accomplished author, has published a number of short stories in magazines such as Boys’ Life, Highlights for Children, Boys’ Quest, and several literary magazines.