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Athlete Profile: Chet “The Jet” Blanton

In 2016 and at the age of 58, Chet Blanton completed his 100th Ironman triathlon. Blanton, who ran his first 50-mile race when he as 19, is a prolific triathlete who completed such uber-distance triathlons as the DECA Iron 9 in 1997 and the Double DECA IRON (20-times Ironman distance) in Monterrey, Mexico, in 1998. [...]

Penelope Strickland: M20 Record Holder!

By Alix J. Shutello Photos by Georgia Schofield Penelope Strickland of Devonport, New Zealand, is internationally recognized in Stand Up Paddling (SUP). She recently won the 2017 Molokai 2 Oahu (M20) along with Travis Grant, a seasoned Hawaii paddler who won his 3rd M20. This win was the first for Strickland – and a world [...]

Post Cards From the Pain Cave

Story and Photos By Gary Dudney, Author of The Tao of Running As an endurance athlete, I’m sure you’re familiar with the “pain cave.” It’s that very bad place you go to in the last half of a difficult race, or when you’re pushing through a tough workout, where fatigue, lack of energy, general pain, [...]

Editor’s Letter

Editor’s Letter The perseverance of the human mind and spirit never ceases to amaze me. In August 201716 athletes (12 men and 4 women) ultra-distance triathletes travelled to Switzerland to complete a continuous DECA IRON. What is a DECA IRON, you ask? It is 10 times the traditional Ironman-distance race. The Ironman triathlon covers a [...]

Athlete Profile: Grant Maughan

Grant Maughan’s resume is impressive: a native of Newcastle, Australia, Maughan started doing ultra races when he was 47. He’s completed over 60 ultras, including more than 20 since he turned age 50 in 2014, all of them 100 miles or longer. He’s run in both extreme cold and extreme heat, finishing races like the [...]

Athlete Profile: Chuck Engle

In 2006 and 2011, Chuck Engle ran over 50 marathons in 365 days. Engle, who says he runs an average of 25 marathons per year, loves the marathon and the challenge of keeping consistent as a competitor. “Once I started marathoning at age 29 – in Tupelo, Miss., in 2000 – and started travelling to [...]

Feature: Eileen Steil: DECA IRON Finisher

By Alix J. Shutello Photo by Mark Anderson Eileen Steil has broken many barriers as a female endurance athlete. In 2004, she was the first woman in the U.S. to complete the DECA Triathlon (DECA IRON) in Barbs Point, Hawaii, and was, until just recently, the youngest woman in the world to complete it. DECA [...]

Feature: Laura Knoblach, 22, Captures the DECA IRON World Record

By Alix J. Shutello Photos by Katrin Meier Laura Knoblach, originally from Minnesota, lives and trains in Boulder, CO. Knoblach was only 20 when she completed her first triathlon (the Boulder Ironman). At age 21, she started ultra-distance racing and completed the Florida Double Anvil in March 2016. So it is amazing that at age [...]

Feature: Shanda Hill, DECA IRON Warrior

By Alix Shutello Photos by Katrin Meier In 2003, Shanda Hill, from Vernon, British Columbia, was only 21 years old when she was severely injured in a terrible bike accident. It took 10 years for Hill to get back into sports; when she did, however, she became fully committed, and completed one of the world’s [...]

Feature: Wayne Kurtz – The “DECA IRONMAN”

By Alix J. Shutello Photos provided by Wayne Kurtz Wayne Kurtz is what you might call an uber athlete. Kurtz, age 49, is focused and dedicated – not only to his sport, but to others and their endeavors, as well. Born and currently living in Pittsburgh, Penn., he’s also lived in Belize and London…and he’s [...]

In First Person: William Mark Blore: Why Endurance Racing Is Just What I Do

By William Mark Blore Photos by Katrin Meier There is an innate drive buried deep within me that always wants to know what the next level is and if I can do it. It doesn’t matter if it is completing the same event and you just want to go faster, or whether it is something [...]

Athlete Profile: Amanda Webb: Multi-Sport Athlete and Trainer for Project Athena

By Alix Shutello Amanda Webb, 37, is from Pittsburgh, Penn. She is currently the lead trainer for Project Athena, an organization that supports women who’ve overcome huge physical obstacles like illness or injury. Webb, a multi-sport endurance athlete, trains Project Athena athletes for both the Santa Barbara and Grand Canyon Treks. She’s also a pacer [...]