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Andrea Kooiman Conquers Badwater Cape Fear

By Alix Shutello Andrea Kooiman, 42, set out to run a marathon…and that same year, she ran three. After 33 marathons, Kooiman decided to give ultra running a try. Now, she’s a fan of 100-milers and wants to complete as many as she can. Kooiman, an ambassador for the Badwater racing series, recently completed the [...]

Amy Pope Fitzgerald: Running with Lyme Disease

Photos and Story by Amy Pope Fitzgerald Social Worker turned SAG-AFTRA Actress Amy Fitzgerald, 47, lives in Fairfax county, VA, and became an ultra marathoner, at age 42, when she completed the JFK 50 Miler in 2012, while battling chronic Lyme disease. Fitzgerald, who suffers from the chronic long-term effects of Lyme Disease. In this [...]

Book Review: Running the Long Path

“Running the Long Path” is a book by Kenneth Posner. It describes an ultra runner’s fast-paced account of his trek into the wilds of New York’s Hudson Valley, in an attempt to set a new record for completing the Long Path. Have you ever considered running 350 miles in nine days? Kenneth Posner did just [...]

Racing News

EX2 Adventures is announcing a changing of the guard.  After 17 years, current race director and owner of EX2 Adventures, Jim Harman, will hand the reigns to experienced race director and highly accomplished athlete, Andy Bacon. Andy has been part of the EX2 community since 2004 when he competed in his first EX2 event, the [...]

Are You Overdoing It?

By Gary Dudney Let’s face it…endurance sports — whether it be marathoning, running triathlons, Spartan racing, ultra running, or adventure racing — are very demanding, especially if you are pushing for faster times or taking on new challenges. Improving means getting out of your comfort zone, which in turn means more intensive training. Pushing yourself [...]

Editor’s Letter: Alix J. Shutello, CEO

Editor’s Letter  [wpeppsub id=”3413″ align=”right”] Mission Accomplished! In this issue, Endurance Sports & Fitness Magazine covers Badwater Cape Fear – a 51-mile run on North Carolina’s Bald Head Island and the first of the Badwater Ultra Cup races. The Ultra Cup is a three-event series, comprised of the 51-mile Badwater Cape Fear held in March, [...]

My Badwater Cape Fear Experience

By Carl Hineline There’s really only one way to describe Badwater Cape Fear, and that is a “runcation with the Badwater Family.” Badwater Cape Fear is the first stop of the Badwater Ultra Cup, which attracts many familiar faces from the ultra-running scene. I have run the Badwater Cape Fear event the last two years, [...]

Badwater Cape Fear

By Sandra Vi: Cape Fear is a very near and dear race to me; it was my first 50-mile race, and first Badwater event in 2015. I had discovered it as I was reading about the famous Badwater 135, dreaming that I would one day get to participate. A very long road ahead of me [...]

About the Project Athena Foundation

The Project Athena Foundation exists to give women who’ve suffered a mental or physical setback a chance to participate in an adventure to help strengthen them. “Athenas” are athletes who’ve overcome cancer, amputation, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and other challenges. The founder, Robyn Benincasa, is a true warrior herself . To learn more, visit [...]

Julie Tashner – Turning to Adventure Racing to Support Fundraising Efforts for Project Athena

By Alix Shutello Photos provided by Julie Tashner [wpeppsub id=”3413″ align=”right”] Not all athletes who compete in Project Athena Adventure Races do so because they received grants or scholarships to race. Many compete to support friends or family, raise money, and of course, lay claim as adventure racing goddesses themselves! Julie Tashner is one of [...]

Dominique DeWitt: How ExoSym Medical Technology Allowed Me To Be an Adventure Racer

Photos and Commentary by Dominique DeWitt    [wpeppsub id=”3413″ align=”right”] My name is Dominique DeWitt, and I am 27 years old. I was born with a nerve condition that prevents my legs from working properly. Growing up, I had difficulty walking for any distance and standing for any duration of time. I wore plastic leg braces [...]

Kristin Salzman–The Grand Canyon Rim2Rim2Rim Challenge

After completing only one leg of her first Rim adventure, Kristin Salzman came back the next year and crossed the Grand Canyon By Alix Shutello Photos provided by Vanessa Spiller Kristin Beth Salzman, 45, has something few people can claim to their name – a triple passing of Grand Canyon. There are two Grand Canyon [...]

Commentary: Why do they cheat?

Stories of runners who cheat in the marathon By Alix Shutello Ok – so you’re toeing the line of the San Diego Marathon and you want to qualify for Boston. The qualification has become an obsession; you want to be like all those cool athletes who run in the most famous marathon in the world. [...]

The Shenandoah Adventure Race

Now in it’s 7th year, the Shenandoah Epic Adventure Race has become one of the must-do annual events for adventure enthusiasts. Whether you are a returning athlete or trying a 24-hour race for the first time, this is definitely an event you want on your 2017 calendar. The optional and mandatory checkpoints on the course [...]