Editor’s Message

Welcome to Endurance Sports & Fitness Magazine (ES&F)

ES&F exists to provide insight, education and entertainment into the world of endurance racing. Over the past decade, athletes from all over the world have made a conscious decision to push their bodies and will to the limit but running, swimming, skiing, cycling, and rowing distances that seem impossible. This magazine adheres to both the competitive spirit and the companionship and commeraderie of the endurance racing community; their spirit, motivation and drive, to push one’s body and soul to the outer limits of our capabilities.

Our motto, to paraphrase experienced ultra-distance athlete and author, Wayne Kurtz, is

“Every athlete has his or her specific goals and reasons for racing in whatever event he or she chooses; but overall most would agree that the journey to the finish line is what resonates in most athletes’ minds.”

More recently, we realized that this magazine serves a higher purpose – we publish to help others tell their stories. We are a community of caring people who are all connected by the desire to accomplish great things for ourselves and others. We are motivated by everyone’s achievements, sympathetic for our failures, and most importantly, empathetic towards others who are struggling to come back from being injured or who have other problems and who need support from a wonderful community.

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