Our Partners

Endurance Sports & Fitness Magazine is proud to work with a number of partners who make our magazine special.

B-Fit Nation uses an integrative coaching model, coupled with meditation, exercise programs, DBT techniques and increased body mind awareness.

B-Fit Nation recognizes that the individual’s issues, problems, needs and goals, while similar to others, are unique to their journey to emotional, physical and spiritual wellness. Each client has an integrated wellness plan, designed for them based on where they currently are on their life’s journey.





Get trained! visit www.coriovelo.com

Coriovelo, owned by William “Ironox” Pruett has been a partner with ES&F for a number of year. Not only is Ironox a seasoned endurance athlete, he’s an expert trainer and coach. In particular he focuses on endurance triathlons and foot races. You’ll want Ironox by your side as you train for your first Ironman….or maybe even your first Deca Iron!







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