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Welcome to Endurance Racing Magazine (ERM). This magazine is published bi-monthly and covers local, regional and international news, features, and athlete profiles. We also provide articles from well known athletes, trainers and coaches who provide coaching, training, and performance-based advice.

ERM started in 2000. It is a subscription-based magazine. All proceeds go toward supporting the staff and article development. We are also looking to give back and want to work with our readers to find plausible causes that we can give money to.

This magazine is read by people all over the world.  For advertisers, this is a great way to showcase your company all over the world. Our Facebook presence is extensive; for we have over 7,000 likes and/or friend as well as 40 subgroups of ultra communities who have tacked themselves onto our profile pages.

Over the years we provided a lot of services for free but we cannot afford to do that anymore. All advertisers must pay a small fee to advertise in the magazine. Normally, that fee is as small at $100-$250 per issue.

Please email me at alixshutello@gmail.com if you would like any more information.

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Wayne Botha Barefoot Runner
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